50cal Browning M2HB “Ma Deuce” in 1 Minute #Shorts



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They just can’t seem to build a better 50cal..serving for almost 80 years 🔥💪🏻 - See all my #Shorts here: 🤍youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEIgM2Eee1uZbs8dgiIpYXsmSJJ8E2PCI Flecktarn Combat Short from UFPro! - Follow me on Instagram for daily content & GIVEAWAYS: 🤍🤍instagram.com/arm.and.gun/ - Support me on Patreon & slide into those dm's: 🤍🤍patreon.com/armandgun - Facebook: 🤍🤍facebook.com/armandgun - Cool gear from companies I have collab'd with: American Defense Manufacturing: Code ARMANDGUN for 10% off most stuff on their site Accu-Tac Bipods: Code ARMANDGUN for 25% off products on their site Cases: Air Armor Tech | 🤍🤍airarmortech.com Combat Clothing: UF PRO | 🤍ufpro.com/int/ AR 550 Targets | 🤍tatargets.com/ Plate Carriers: HRT Tactical | 🤍hrttacticalgear.com/ Safe: Rhino Metals | 🤍rhinosafe.com/ Gun wall: Gallowtech | 🤍🤍gallowtech.com/ Books: Vickers Guide | 🤍🤍vickersguide.com/ Flannels: Dixxon | USA 🤍dixxonquality.com/ Canada 🤍dixxon.ca/ Gloves: Fist Handwear | 🤍🤍fisthandwear.com - Affiliates: Purchasing from the below links helps support Arm&Gun. - Bolt Action Coffee | Use 'armandgun' for 10% off: 🤍🤍boltactioncoffee.com/shop-online - Black Arch Holsters | 🤍🤍blackarchholsters.com/?rfsn=4881029.340e73&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=4881029.340e73 - #armandgun #shorts #madeuce

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50cal Browning M2HB “Ma Deuce” in 1 Minute #Shorts
50cal Browning M2HB “Ma Deuce” in 1 Minute #Shorts
50cal Browning M2HB “Ma Deuce” in 1 Minute #Shorts
50cal Browning M2HB “Ma Deuce” in 1 Minute #Shorts
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2023-12-04 07:34:33


2023-11-27 21:13:39

Please cover the sniper who used an M2

2023-11-23 17:05:59

I got hard when you racked the m2

2023-11-14 20:05:37


2023-10-31 01:11:39

Ware did you get your hands on that

2023-10-29 04:15:53

The best weapon I have ever worked on

2023-10-17 05:05:57

Can you pls do a vid where you shoot it pls pls pls

2023-10-17 01:16:45

Where can I get one?

2023-09-17 16:48:51

Add this thing to football, bacon and the Stars and Stripes on the list of 'Most American Shit Ever'.

2023-09-15 14:51:07

His name is gun Jesus

2023-09-09 04:34:20

If the m2 is the ma deuce and the m1919 is the baby deuce? Then is the m1917 the older brother deuce?

2023-08-27 02:56:54

Love the sound of the .50, reminders of Basra and just cruising around in a open top Land Rover with no protection whist being ambushed by random men wearing sandals and football shirts. Comrade firing the M2 mounted on the roll cage whilst I run around corners with my heavy AF AS50 whilst carrying a backpack and my issue SA80.

2023-08-26 17:54:13

I need all of those in the room to buy ok

2023-07-24 17:00:50

I need all of those in the room to buy ok

2023-07-09 08:34:22

I have a trouble with cal 50. Everything is okay,but the weapon cannot shooting auto, only single fire.

2023-06-24 14:45:12

I need all of those in the room to buy ok

2023-06-21 05:32:14

It's.... it's beautiful!!
What I'd do to just shoot one!

2023-06-10 00:35:33

Who is this guy

2023-06-03 16:07:30

Be still My beating heart ❤

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