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Discord, this is Awful


Discord Parental Controls, the biggest Band-Aid fix to one of the most fundamental problems of the platform, safety. If you didn't know, Discord is filled with the most vile stuff on the planet. From malware that will steal your credit card info to graphic content that will put you in jail. Now instead of putting every ounce of effort into trying to combat those issues, Discord makes a shiny new family center feature that is not only fundamentally flawed, but is easily bypassed through either basic tricks or just making a new discord account. Dunno how this made it out the concept phase but I would assume it's to appease the out of touch moronic investors. YAY! SOCIALS - Discord Server 🤍 Twitter 🤍

How to Fix Discord Stuck on Gray Screen[Solved]


Here is this video tutorial, I will show you guys how to fixed or solved Discord stuck at Gray screen in your Windows 10 Computer. Note:- This video has followed all the YouTube community guideline rules. The purpose of this video is to share my knowledge with everyone that is totally Legal, Informational and for Educational purpose. I totally do not support any types of illegal acts or videos. The videos are completely for legal purposes. ✅ My YouTube Parts -✅ - 🔵 1. Mic : 🤍 🔵 2. Microphone Stand : 🤍 🔵 3. Headphone : 🤍 🔵 4. Phone : 🤍 🔵 5. Strip LED Light : 🤍 🔵 6. Camera : 🤍 ❣Contact Info❣: - ►Email: tapanhazra606🤍yahoo.com.au ►Youtube: 🤍 ►Facebook Page: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 #Discord #Stuck #GrayScreen #Window10

Discord, please ban these accounts


Got a friend request from a Discord user with the name "check my bio"? Well clicking on the bio is like opening Pandora's box. The grey market side of Discord has gone rampant in this new advertising technique. Malicious actors no longer will send a DM and let it hit your message requests. Rather they will send you a Discord friend request telling you to check their bio. And it's the wild west out there, scams, ads, fake giveaways, crypto double money scams, and community server advertisements. There's some good and there is some bad. The bad thing is that it looks like Discord might not be doing anything. The good? You can easily prevent yourself from being targeted by scams or being advertised to by people trying to sell garbage. SOCIALS - Discord Server 🤍 Twitter 🤍 TIMESTAMPS - 00:00 - new fwiends? 00:19 - Nvm this aint a friend 01:15 - Discord's Support is DOOKIE 03:19 - A new hope? 05:13 - Stop the Spam Yourself 05:51 - Discord's possible solution? 09:30 - Chicken Wrap up

The Race to Stop this Discord Killer as he Killed his Family - Menhaz Zaman


In 2019, a young man gradually posted on discord to his friends that he had just killed four of his relatives. When doing so, he provided pictures. 🤍 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or case recommendations! Twitter 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Personal Instagram 🤍mega_spit

What your discord status says about you!


Here is what your discord status says about you! Join server here 🤍 Second Channel: 🤍 Follow me: 🤍 Background music 🤍 End screen art by meowsclemilk Subscribe to join the #Snailgang My Uploads 🤍 My most popular videos! 🤍 ►Copyright: This video may contain copyrighted material; the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available for the purposes of parody, criticism, comment, or review which constitute the fair use of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Not withstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, comment, review and news reporting is not an infringement of copyright. If you are the creator of this song or the owner of content in this video, email me for credit or takedown. No copyright infrengement is intended! God bless you!

How to Fix Discord Stuck on a Gray or Black Screen [Still Works on 2023]


Steps: 1. Go to "run" (Window key + R) 2. Type "%appdata%" and hit enter 3. Delete the "Discord" folder or the "Cache" folder inside Discord folder 4. Launch the Discord app Stuck on discord's frozen gray screen? This video shows you how to fix this problem. This problem basically started after a new update. If this video did not solve your problem, you may need to uninstall and reinstall discord. But there are some other fixes on reddit too, so you may check them before uninstalling the app.

Discord's New Usernames, uh oh


Discord is changing their username system and people are MAD! Instead of the lovely No Text To Speech(hashtag)6600 username, you now get 🤍notexttospeech. However this one change has started a bit of a war where people are fighting to get the username of their dreams. But realistically, people have already accepted defeat and are mad and angry they cant get a cool funky username. To be fair folks, this feature is honestly alright and I think the growing pains are the most problematic and in like 3 months no one will care. EXCEPT ME BECAUSE NOW I GOT FREE CONTENT ABOUT SCAMMERS! THANKS DISCORD FOR DEVELOPING A COMMUNITY OF RARE USERNAME LOSERS! (Losers as in the people that hack into accounts and threaten people so they can get a silly little username). LINKS - Discord Billing Support Page 🤍 Article you can downvote 🤍 Panley's Tweets 🤍 Discord's Big Article 🤍 Discord's Bot Article 🤍 SOCIALS - Discord Server 🤍 Twitter 🤍 TIMESTAMPS - 00:00 - Uh oh.... 02:04 - The new username system 04:12 - How you get it 08:45 - ANGRY? 10:06 - But first, Bots 10:32 - Will Discord Revert This?

The Dark Side of Discord (And best Solutions and Alternatives!)


Discord is one of the best places to host communities, but let's talk about the nastier dark side of the social giant. We like to be proactive with things, so get ready for solutions and alternatives as well! 00:00 Introduction 00:54 Major Issue 1 05:18 Major Issue 2 09:20 6-Step Solution Program 12:00 Discord Alternatives 🔐 Our Website: 🤍 🕵 Go Incognito Course - to learn about privacy: 🤍 🏫 Techlore Coaching - to get direct support: 🤍 💻 Techlore Forum - to connect with other advocates: 🤍 🦣 Mastodon - to stay updated: 🤍 We cannot provide our content without our Patrons, huge thanks to: Afonso, Boori, BRIGHTSIDE, Clark, Cyclops, Eldarix, JohnnyO, Jon, kevin, Larry F, 'love your content', NotSure, Poaclu, x 🧡 Join them on Patreon: 🤍 💖 Our Other Support Methods: 🤍 Some Sources: Openfeint CAL: 🤍 Discord Insiders: 🤍 Discord Data: 🤍 Telemetry Routes: 🤍 GDPR Requests: 🤍 Trust & Safety Scandal: 🤍 Discord Data Thieves: 🤍 Discord Corruption: 🤍 Discord Alt-Right: 🤍 Techlore SimpleLogin Review: 🤍 Techlore Top 5 Messengers: 🤍 #discord #discordissues #techlore

The RIGHT Way to Set Discord Permissions | #shorts


How to set permissions via Categories instead of per channel! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 💳 Become a Member today for as low as $1.99 to get custom emotes in my streams, and a progressive member badge to stand out in streams/comments ➡ 🤍 💳 Donate to help support the stream: ➡ 🤍 👓 Start reducing eyestrain today by picking up a pair of blue light glasses at 🤍 ! Use code GEHSTURE to get any pair for 30% off! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 🔴 Twitch ➔ 🤍 📱 Discord ➔ 🤍 🐦Twitter ➔ 🤍 📷 Instagram ➔ 🤍 💻 Reddit ➔ https://​reddit.com/r/gehsture/ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 🎨 Thumbnails by Justin ➔ 🤍 🎨 Emotes by Rin ➔ 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ My Gear: ►PC Specs: i7 8700k overclocked 🤍 4.3Ghz (Water Cooled), RTX 2060 6GB, 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM, 256GB Samsung 960 EVO + 2TB 7200rpm Toshiba HDD, ASUS STRIX Z370 ► Mouse: Logitech G502 (🤍 ►Keyboard: Dierya 60% (🤍 ►Mic: Rode PodMic (🤍 ►Camera: Canon M50 (🤍 ►Headset: Astro A50 (🤍 ►RGB Back-lighting (🤍 #discord

I Let Discord "Fix" Europe


Watch next: "Every Significant Mongol Successor State; How The Mongols Fell in 1857" 🤍 ~ #possiblehistory #europe #mapping #discord #alternatehistoryofeurope Last friday we had some fun on the Possible History discord (🤍 by editing a map of modern day Europe. It starts of tame, but then quickly descends into complete chaos as the Possible History discord "fixes" Europe's issues. Link to the discord: 🤍 If you like the content please like, comment and subscribe, it helps smaller channels like mine to get noticed! If you want to support the channel you can go to my Patreon or become a member! You will get early access to video's and will be allowed to suggest priority video subjects! 🤍 🤍 🤍 Possible Extra's a channel where we do not necessarily history related stuff, like podcasts and more! 🤍 Gaming Channel: 🤍 Feel free to follow or join our social media platforms: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Most of our music by Beta Records. He's great, check him out! Link: 🤍 A lot of other music by Kevin McLoad. The Copyrightfree Music Creator 🤍



Destroying and Raiding Discord Servers for a video :) sorry not sorry if your server was affected by this don't be so easy next time. - 🔥 If You're Reading This, Leave A Like, Comment And Subscribe! 🔥 Thanks For Watching Everyone! Very much appreciated! - SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍 Main channel: 🤍 Second channel: 🤍 FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: officialommabusiness🤍gmail.com I own none of the music provided in this video, all rights go to their right and respectful owner(s) -

Try Leaving this Glitched Discord Server!


This is genuinely crazy. If you join this completely normal discord server, you cannot leave. This Discord server is a trap! You don't have to fall for a scam or anything, just by clicking that join button you have sealed your fate. Discord jail is honestly really fitting for this discord trap server. Now why is this? Well people love exploiting the most broken social media platform on the internet, Discord. Discord exploits and glitches are everywhere and I am a very luck boy when someone decides to leak one to me. Follow along as I explain how someone made a Discord server that you cannot leave! SOCIALS - Discord Server 🤍



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Discord Meme



You Cannot Leave this Discord Server!


Thank you Whop for sponsoring this video. Create your premium Discord community on Whop: 🤍 Whop's Discord server for suggestions: 🤍 Check out Whop's new blog: 🤍 If you've ever wanted to monetize your Discord server then look no further, Whop has you covered. With surprisingly low fees and content freedom, your business idea can become a reality. Imagine randomly showing up in a Discord server that you don't remember joining. You try to leave but you just join the server again after a couple of days. Well, you probably fell for a very common Discord scam. A verified Discord bot might send you a free nitro DM or free Discord server boosts and gaw damn you fell for it. SOCIALS - Discord Server 🤍 TIMESTAMPS - 00:00 - YOU CANT LEAVE 01:43 - How do the bots work? 03:30 - Expose time 06:18 - Why cant people leave + how to leave 06:53 - How are they even verified 07:24 - How do Discord bots get stolen? 08:32 - What is the end goal? 09:17 - How to stop these bots 10:12 - Outro

The Malware INFESTATION of Discord


Discord (from 2020 to 2021) grew by 40% of its active userbase. 100 Million, to 140 million. In that same timeframe, the relative amount of malware on the platform increased by 14,000%. 140x its previous amount. Discord is a perfect, one stop show for cyber criminals, offering a content distribution network, perfectly served victim pools, and a format with decreased hesitation. All in all, it is a breeding ground for malware, that is becoming increasingly infested. PATREON: 🤍 CHECK YOUR DISCORD CLIENT: 🤍 LOCALS: 🤍 🤍 ODYSEE INVITE: 🤍 Axial GT's Channel: 🤍 Thank You. Subscribe to him please! ⦁ MERCH: teespring.com/stores/upper-echelon ⦁ UPPER ECHELON WEBSITE: 🤍 ⦁ UPPER ECHELON CUSTOM MERCH STORE: 🤍 ⦁ DISCORD SERVER: 🤍 ⦁ Video Transitions: William Eklof ⦁ Outtro Song: 🤍 BUSINESS EMAIL: upperechelongamers🤍yahoo.com #computervirus #malware #discord

Discord Login 2023 | Discord App Login Guide | Discord Account Sign In


"Discord Login 2023 | Discord App Login Guide | Discord Account Sign In" - A Tutorial Video by Guide Hub. A tutorial video for the process to login Discord account. #Discord #DiscordApp #DiscordLogin #DiscordSignIn In case of any feedback or queries, please leave a comment below or message us at: 🤍 Guide Hub publishes tutorial video guides on technology & web related topics. In these tutorial videos, Guide Hub doesn't intend to infringe the intellectual property rights and trademarks or violate the terms and policies of companies/entities that are presented in videos. © Guide Hub.

Discord Account DISABLED For Being UNDERAGE [Solved].


"Your discord account has been disabled." A message you received after trying to log in back to your account. And guess what DISCORD just sent you an email telling you that you are underage (YOU ARE LITERALLY 40). In todays video, I solved that problem. Links : 🔗 Discord support : 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Socials : 🧵 IG: SOON. Discord: real.anexis#7397 Discord Server: SOON. Github: SOON. 2nd Channel: 🤍anexis05

How to use MIDJOURNEY in Discord to make Amazing AI Art


How to use Midjourney in discord to create amazing AI Art. Midjourney is my favorite text to image tool for its beautiful outputs from simple prompts. Version 4 and Version 5 of midjourney offer great flexibility in output style. Starmorph Web Design: 🤍 Free Intro call with Starmorph: 🤍 Consulting 1hr Call: 🤍 Starmorph 🤍 Midjourney 🤍 Midjourney Discord 🤍 You can use Midjourney today for free (25 free credits). 1. The first step is signing into the Midjourney discord, 2. going into a newbie channel, and 3. using the /imagine command. 4. Write an image description (prompt) after the /imagine command and 5. send the message for the AI to generate your image based on your prompt. *Note that all images you create (on the free plan) will be public to the Midjourney discord community. 6. see your output images 7. optionally enhance or make variations of the output images #midjourneyart #stablediffusion #ai #tutorial #midjourney #dalle2 #comicart #marvel #comictok #aiartwork #aigeneratedart #aitools Our Services: 🤍 Silver Websites 20% off for holidays: 🤍

How To Get The *RAREST* Badges On Discord (EASY 2022)


How To Get The *RAREST* Badges On Discord (EASY 2022) Follow our Socials: ► Instagram: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► TikTok: 🤍 ► Discord: 🤍 ► Twitch: 🤍 ► Team Shop: 🤍 ► Team Jerseys: 🤍 Production Team 🎬 Content Manager: 🤍 Voice: 🤍 #BBG​​ #Fortnite​​ #BuiltByGamers #shorts

This Discord SCAM is getting Out of Hand!


Discord is becoming a haven of scams and frauds. In this video I'm going to show you a widespread scam that is going around and stealing discord accounts and scamming nitro from your parent's credit card. I'm going to show you how this discord scam works, how to avoid it, and how to recover your account after being scammed. This scam basically hacks your discord account and gives the hacker full control over your account. This bypasses two factor authentication! Nothing will save you unless you know what to look for and how to avoid being scammed on discord. This message is a fraud: "heyy ummm idk what happened or if its really you but it was your name and the same avatar and you sent a girl erm stuff like what the f? SERVER INVITE check shame and youll see. anyways until you explain what happened im blocking you. sorry if this is a misunderstanding but i do not wanna takes risks with having creeps on my friendslist." LINKS - Discord Report Form 🤍 SOCIALS - Discord Server 🤍 My Gamer Gear (Affiliate Links) 🤍 TIMESTAMPS - 00:00 - Why the scam is bad 01:25 - How to tell this is a scam 02:18 - WHAT TO DO MUSIC - Yasper, chromonicci - Low Tide 🤍 Moods, Yasper - Blessed 🤍 Philanthrope, mommy - Growing Through The Cracks 🤍

Investigating Discord's Fake Verify QR Code SCAM!


Discord has been a haven of scams and frauds. In this video I'm going to show you how a widespread scam functions. I'll show how it steals discord accounts and mass DMs everyone on your friends list. I'm going to show you how this discord scam works when someone scans the QR code. I'm going to show you who is behind the scam and who programmed the bot. I'll also update you on what Discord is doing about this scam and how this scam could potentially be stopped. Once again, do not scan any QR code using your Discord app unless you are trying to log in. If you don't listen to this warning, you will get your discord account token logged and you will become one of the many people that have been hacked. Something something subscribe please so I can steal a play button from youtubes. LINKS - Discord Report Form 🤍 SOCIALS - Discord Server 🤍 My Gamer Gear (Affiliate Links) 🤍 TIMESTAMPS - 00:00 - Start 00:14 - Recap: What is the Scam 00:55 - What happens when the QR code is scanned 02:37 - Who is behind this scam? 04:04 - What is Discord doing about this scam? 06:05 - How do we stop this scam? 09:57 - Outro MUSIC - C418 - Minecraft - Volume Alpha (Minecraft music) Trance Music for Racing Game by Bobby Cole (Dream Speedrun Music)

Claiming Nitro from Discord Nitro Solve and Earn Rewards Mobile app


Hi guys this is video where i claim nitro from the app. Thanks to gianni(Developer of the app) for making this app! #Shorts

How to Make 2 Discord Accounts from 1 Email Address #Shorts


this is how i have so many alts DISCORD SERVER: 🤍

How to delete a Discord server 2023 [ Easy Solution ]


How to delete a Discord server 2023 [ Easy Solution ] Powered By: 🤍 Managing a Discord server requires a great deal of effort. If you can’t find the time to manage your server, you can remove it from Discord. This is easy to do, and we’ll show you how to do it in Discord on desktop, web, and mobile. When you delete a server, Discord removes all your data shared on the server. This server then no longer appears in your Discord menus. You must be fully sure before deleting your server, as once it’s deleted, you can’t get it back. Subscribe Us & Become #TutorialRIverFamily 👉🏻 🤍 Follow #TutorialRiver By Clicking the Link Below 👉🏻 🤍 👉🏻 🤍 Content Disclaimer: All information on the content is meant for educational purposes only and is provided in good faith, however, we make no representation or warranty of any kind, regarding the accuracy, availability, or completeness of any information. ♥ Thanks For Watching & Have a nice Day ♥ Help us maintain the purity and quality of the content by sharing your valuable feedback DON'T FORGET TO || ➤ ✅ Like | ✅ Share | ✅ Subscribe #Tutorialriver # deleteaDiscordserver

Discord has a CP problem


V-Cards and Members here 🤍 pls subscribe: 🤍 ★ STAY LUCID ▬ Lucid's Discord Server: 🤍 Lucid's Number: (313) 251-4361 or 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 SubReddit: 🤍 ▬ ↣ Support me here :) 🤍 ↣ Crypto Donations here! 🤍 ↝ Become a Youtube member here! 🤍 ▬ Vid drops every Saturday 12pm Est Made with love #iamLucid About iamLucid: I make videos on Lucid Dreaming, the Dark web, Self-growth, Virtual reality, and other thought-provoking content because the internet needs it. Discord has a CP problem 🤍 iamLucid 🤍

Discord App Ka Yeh RAAZ Aapko Shock Kardega 🙊 (DISCORD ऐप रहस्य) #shorts


So today I will tell you about discord app secret which was out recently that will shock you for life and many have claimed money from it too, it can be scary if you send personal files photos or messages on that app after watching this video #discord #scary #shorts Add me on Social Media Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Snapchat: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #SavageNewsFurkan #ashortaday Talk with me here Discord: 🤍 Telegram: 🤍 Send Your Stories on Sub Reddit: savagenewsfurkan SavageNewsFurkan is a Channel where you will get latest conspiracy theories in Hindi, Horror Stories and Weird Unknow supernatual facts here. This is just Theories and not 100% the Truth, The theroeis are according my perception.

discord has a CP problem


Discord has been used to host and solicit CP videos. ↣ Get Members only perks at 🤍 pls subscribe: 🤍 ★ STAY LUCID ↣ Get a real life V-Card - 🤍 ↣ Donate crypto to me - 🤍 Lucid's Discord Server: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #iamLucid About iamLucid: I make videos on Lucid Dreaming, the Dark web, Self-growth, Virtual reality, and other thought-provoking content because the internet needs it. discord has a CP problem 🤍 iamLucid 🤍

I Trained a Robot to Be My Discord Mod


I made a robot to REPLACE my Discord Mods. Did it succeed or accidentally ban everyone in my Discord server? You won't believe what happened, so watch until the end - this Discord Bot is awesome! SUBSCRIBE otherwise artificial-intelligence will take over the world! Just kidding, but seriously: subscribe for more awesome videos like this :) Watch Next - The $300K Discord Crypto Scam Just Got Worse... →🤍 -Chapters- 0:00 Intro 0:40 The Basics of Robot Design 1:10 Testing the Deep Learning 3:00 Typing out Messages... 4:10 Setting Up 5:00 First Test 5:45 Running in the Cloud 7:00 Challenge 7:15 Announcement 7:45 Conclusion Video style inspired by PolyMars. Check out the Discord bot here: 🤍 The bot uses slash commands, so start with /help -Music- Artist: Nick Faber Track: JunkBox Hear more from this artist: 🤍 Claim Free Music from Real Artists: 🤍syncvault.com License: syncvault:OiJ9vIUgYOd1g2EEAo9GFaSYpdT Artist: Jesse Jaxx Track: Black Proud (Instrumental) LinkFire: 🤍 License: syncvault:PTx6L4HnpfhBQavEk0OvdCAj4T9 Channels: youtube: UCyQG3qizZ9xae_0bZvz-akQ Bit Quest Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) You made it all the way down here. Please consider subscribing! Seriously. Every single one of you helps so much. I want to make more videos like this, but I legitimately need your support. Thank you so much, it actually means the world to me!

How Playstation and Discord could Solve Video Game Chat!


Playstation's new partnership with Discord sounds like it'll solve a lot of wild gamer comms issues. From Episode 62. Subscribe to the audio podcast: 🤍 Links: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Music by KamrenB: 🤍 John Gruber Article: 🤍 Bloomberg Apple vs Epic: 🤍

Discord: Fix High CPU Usage | Easy solutions


Using Discord in the background, but it's eating a lot of your CPU for no reason? Well, this video covers some of the most common solutions that you can try, as well as clean reinstalling if that's something you want to do. By the end, Discord should be using less CPU. Download Discord: 🤍 Download Discord PTB: 🤍 Timestamps: 0:00 - Explanation 0:46 - GPU Acceleration 2:07 - Voice processing 2:20 - Run Discord as Admin 3:01 - Clean reinstalling Discord 5:11 - Downloading Discord PTB #Discord #Fix #CPU - 💸 Found this useful? Help me make more! Support me by becoming a member: 🤍 - 💸 Direct donations via Ko-Fi: 🤍 💬 Discuss video & Suggest (Discord): 🤍 👉 Game guides & Simple tips: 🤍 🌐 Website: 🤍 📧 Need voice overs done? Business query? Contact my business email: TroubleChute (at) tcno.co Everything in this video is my personal opinion and experience, and should not be considered professional advice. Always do your own research and make sure what you're doing is safe.

Ruining a Roblox Discord Scam


Scams are rampant on Discord and typically most people just report it to Discord and nothing happens. Well today I was sick and tired of waiting and I decided to take matters into my own hands by ruining a Roblox scam that was on Discord. Trolling Discord scammers is honestly my favorite pastime and I finally get a nice opportunity to show it to yall. LINKS - Webhook bye bye-er 🤍 SOCIALS - Discord Server 🤍

The FUNNIEST Discord Messages Of All Time


#shorts #funny #memes

discord verify problem solve. discord verify নিয়ে a to z আশা করি সবাই বুঝতে পারবেন🥰


আশা করি সবাই ভালো আছেন। discord verify নিয়ে যাদের সমস্যা আছে। আশা করি আজকের ভিডিও থেকে সব সমস্যা সমাধান হয়ে যাবে ইনশাআল্লাহ। সবাই ভিডিওটা দেখবেন। subscribe my Telegram channel link : 🤍 subscribe YouTube channel 🤍 Facebook link: 🤍 Twitter link : 🤍 subscribe Telegram channel link: 🤍 Instagram link : 🤍 imo number: 01812586103 #discord #verify #nft

Fluent Support's Discord integration | The Easiest Solution for Support Ticket Notification


First impressions matter a lot! Responding to customer tickets immediately gives users a positive impression of your product or service. Your support solution should give you the freedom to respond to customer support requests no matter where you are. Fluent Support gives you a lot of flexibility here. You can use Slack and Telegram to attend and reply to support tickets. However, did you know that you can also receive support ticket notifications in your Discord channels? Fluent Support's Discord integrations make this seamless. Connect your support portal to your Discord channel and get instant notifications on new tickets within your Discord channels. Reply to your tickets from your mobile device by clicking the link and opening it in your web browser. Fluent Support is completely mobile-friendly! Watch the full video for full understanding. Try Fluent Support today! GET Fluent Support: 🤍 Catch the Full Story: 🤍 Documentation: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter 🤍WPManageNinja

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