Suspended glitter snow globe peekaboo tumbler!, Snow globe using Elmer's Magical Liquid New solution

Lysha B Creative

Lysha B Creative

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#starbiesdupe #snowglobe #tumblertutorial #lyshabcreative #suspendedglitter Hey everybody! If you are new here welcome and if you are a returning subscriber thanks so much for coming back. In today’s video I am back with another snowglobe tutorial. This time I am changing things up a bit and we are using a new solution and dupes from crafty store by gabi plus were turning these snowglobes into peekaboos. I hope you enjoy today's video! Before you go, don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much for being here, it truly means the world to me. Discount codes: Glitter Makes It Glitter, Save 30% off using my code LBC30 at checkout! Visit 🤍 to save some extra dough. CREATIVE FABRICA: Click here to subscribe to creative fabrica: Free access to over 6 million fonts and designs for the first month, renewing at $9/month (normally costs $29/month). 🤍🤍 SHOP VINYL GALLERY 🤍 use code LYSHAB Pattern vinyl line here: 🤍🤍 Maestra Creations Glitter here: 🤍🤍 Mama Boss glitter: Use code LyshaB and save 15% when you spend $25 or more! 🤍 Shop my amazon store: 🤍🤍 Crafty Store by Gabi 🤍 use code lyshab10 for 10% off your order. Teck wrap craft vinyl: 🤍 Items used for the creation of this tumbler: -24oz starbucks acrylic cup purchased from starbucks -24oz acrylic dupe: 🤍 -Spray paint: Black, farmer’s daughter and st. tropez -Fuzzy leopard print: 🤍🤍 -Stencil vinyl: 🤍 -Glitter: Snowtastic, aquamarine, wonderland: 🤍 Disco Ball: 🤍 -Magical liquid: 🤍 -condiment bottle: 🤍 - Rhinestone supplies: -Wax pencils: 🤍 -Rhinestone trays: 🤍 Deep diamond multistone pack, baby pink AB half pearls, luminous white stones (ss16): 🤍 Black glass stones, white glass 3-5mm: 🤍 Krystal glaze glue: 🤍 Crystal stones (2mm): 🤍 UV resin supplies: Favorite UV Resin 🤍 UV Lamp: 🤍 -Silicone brushes for glue application: 🤍 Other supplies I use: Epoxy Stir Sticks: 🤍 Acetone Rubbing alcohol Sanding blocks: 🤍 Transfer tape: 🤍 Cup Cradle Link: 🤍 Vinyl Squeegy and craft knife pack Link: 🤍 Dental Weeding tool: 🤍 Epoxy used: KS resin liquidy split: 🤍 Flynn sisters premium epoxy: 🤍 Purchase tumbler or apparel: 🤍 For Digital designs shop here: 🤍 Follow me on all my platforms here: 🤍 Join the LBC Community Here: 🤍🤍

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Suspended glitter snow globe peekaboo tumbler!, Snow globe using Elmer's Magical Liquid New solution
Suspended glitter snow globe peekaboo tumbler!, Snow globe using Elmer's Magical Liquid New solution
Suspended glitter snow globe peekaboo tumbler!, Snow globe using Elmer's Magical Liquid New solution
Suspended glitter snow globe peekaboo tumbler!, Snow globe using Elmer's Magical Liquid New solution
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2023-08-21 01:07:02

how long do you generally leave the tumbler turner spinning for to dry epoxy? thank you :)

2023-08-20 13:00:04

So, I tried this for a cup for my mom, and apparently Cricut’s stencil is super transparent and I could not see the stencils and where I was putting them 🤣🤣
So definitely switching brands lol.

2023-07-26 02:12:03

What are your thoughts on putting the solution in first before adding the glitter?

2023-05-24 13:14:35

Hi do you have to degas when you use the magical liquid and distilled water?

2023-05-22 21:34:48

What size did you cut your print?

2023-04-27 02:12:20

What is your measurement for your solution is it one cup each or half of a cup for each

2023-04-07 03:52:30

Super cute!!! Def wanna make these!!!!

2023-03-28 21:02:45

I’m so glad I saw your tutorial. I have tried two acrylics so far. One with Glycerin and one with Glue. They both are clumped. The glue mixture is far better tho. Now I have the Magical Liquid to try. I’m also going to do it the way you did and add my glitter first. With my others I added a small amount of the mixture first. Wish me luck! I wanted to do this for my Granddaughters Easter cup but I’ve run out of time! 😢 Maybe I need to get the muscle massager.

2023-03-07 02:49:55

How much glitter do you put in the snow globe? I got some glass snow globe coffee mugs and I want to try this!

2023-02-19 17:38:03

Hi there! Thank you for this tutorial. Do you sand your cups before painting?

2023-02-15 03:35:52

I love these! You have me wanting to try a peekaboo snowglobe now 😂

2023-02-11 22:23:05

Did you use a really thin coat of epoxy? I am trying to wrap my head around how the screw on lid still fit. Thank you!

2023-02-11 03:37:50

Love this. How much glitter did you use?

2023-02-05 20:21:05

How high up on the cups did you go with the epoxy? Love your tutorials!

2023-02-02 13:20:57

jamaica patois is a mix of african depends on what tribe and french put together to get patois.

2023-01-31 17:30:48

Love these! 😍

2023-01-31 05:03:00

question? what kind of glitter doesnt bleed when submerged? any info wld be greatly appreciated

2023-01-28 14:26:11

Love these! I need to try that solution. Do you do a pretest on acrylic plain cup to make sure the top doesnt leak? I ordered some on amazon and the tops leaked.

2023-01-27 01:57:41

Yesssss love!!! These are AH-MAZING!!!! Absolutely love them. Stunning 😍 I tried that solution during Christmas fir my niece’s cup and fell in love. It’s just a perfect flow. In love also with the leopard prints ❤❤❤ awesome job! Stay blessed love 🥰

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