Take a look inside Steam Deck™!



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Learn more about Steam Deck and reserve yours at at 🤍steamdeck.com One of the most frequently asked questions we've received about Steam Deck is about the components inside it, and whether they're replaceable or upgradable. The answer is a bit more complicated than just a yes or no, so we've made a video to explain all the details. Spoiler alert: we DON'T recommend replacing parts yourself, but we still want you to have all of the relevant information about Steam Deck's components. Anyway, this is the first public look at what's inside the device, so we hope you enjoy it. See this update on Steam: 🤍store.steampowered.com/news/app/1675180/view/3011210954776539264 Li-ion battery video seen at 0:45 - 🤍🤍youtube.com/watch?v=24fYrV2vCPk

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Take a look inside Steam Deck™!
Take a look inside Steam Deck™!
Take a look inside Steam Deck™!
Take a look inside Steam Deck™!
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2023-09-24 08:31:51


2023-09-08 18:18:56

Huge W

Hacking Info
2023-08-23 15:26:29

When you guys be good at marketing..... Rog Ally came but deck still not available in India 😢😑😑😒

2023-08-09 20:36:56

such a huge w to valve for being a very consumer friendly

manga key
2023-08-09 03:21:51

Mixed signals by Valve on the one hand they are showing you exactly how to do the most likely repairs/upgrade you'd make on the device while constantly telling you not to do it...
Crazy as it seems I think the video is effective at not getting you to open the device....because it did scare me from trying the repair even though I already did it and have done many repairs like it hundreds of times... So it works!
It's like reverse physiology or some other head games from Valve well done sirs...

manga key
2023-08-09 02:28:30

Valve: " even though it's your PC... we really don't recommend you open it up.."
Right to Repair people : " PLEASE.....JUST SENT ME LOCATION!"

2023-08-07 19:08:28

dud i did this and i fucked up because i exploded the battery

2023-08-06 15:14:59

Huge Valve W

2023-08-01 06:04:50

anyone notice the companion cube in the corner? lol cute little easter egg

Reepus Vanguard
2023-07-18 15:04:49

I appreciate that valve lets us repair our own hardware

Neku Sakuraba
2023-07-18 11:33:35

Not gonna lie, steamdeck looks small in your hands. Really good video always wondering how its looks inside

2023-07-17 12:59:57


2023-07-17 12:59:46

It has some very nice insides... Intriguing and not disturbing at all.


2023-07-16 15:22:53

So my r1 button isn't working on my steam deck but I'm too scared to fix it myself so where can I go to get someone to fix it cuz I don't want to ship it is there any in-store place that I can go

Galaxy tab A
2023-07-13 18:14:30

Chad valve

Letting you open up your steamdeck
Admitting that its not the most maintenance friendly
Giving full disasembly guide

Valve does what Nintendo'nt

Sir Effortless Garbage
2023-07-10 15:01:11

Nintendo: Don’t open your Switch, we will brick it if you do. Trust us, just buy a new one.
Valve: Yeah here’s a video on how to replace, open, and fix your Deck, good luck.

2023-07-09 01:24:52

Valve is so dope!

2023-07-06 16:23:52

I didn't know this video was a thing, but now I am even more glad I've decided to pick a Steam Deck during the current sales and not just any other handheld. Valve "gets" its customers and what they might want to do with their hardware.

Paola Sellitto
2023-07-05 06:39:35

No wonder why my steam deck with clover installed and windows on it with a modified ssd and possibly a bloated batteries is overheating 😅

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